SOOC Straight Out Of Camera Podcast

Here we go it has finely arrived, my interview with Fujifilm South Africa for their podcast series  SOOC Straight Out Of Camera.
the dancing couple

FotoZA gallery 19.Nov - 23.Dec 2017


What happens when a piece of clothing washes ashore? When the sun, sand, wind and water, the ebb and flow starts to play with it. Shaping it, moving it around, washing it, tearing it, bleaching it. When man meets nature. When we keep our eyes open to even the smallest detail and let our imagination have free reign. Look from a distance or go in close, we all might see something different and our mind plays tricks on us.
We imagine seeing that mystical creature, a couple dancing or a howling wolf. We might see the knight on his horse and the smoking gun, the seahorse and a fish in the sea. Take your time and let your imagination go crazy.
We've all played the game where we look at a cloud in the sky and imagine seeing a dog or a dragon, or maybe Mickey Mouse.
That is how I felt while one day last year walking early morning on a beautiful tropical beach in Zanzibar. My plan was to photograph the fishermen leaving w…